Our goal is to help hospitalized children have better days.


We believe that days spent in the hospital take kids away from their lives spent running, playing and enjoying their friends. We want to give them a piece of childhood by providing building and constructing toys. Our hope is that it will take their minds off the treatments and procedures that they are going through, help them connect to their creative selves, and make new friends by sharing their creations with others.


Building toy facts

Playing with building toys helps kids make social connections with family, caregivers and other patients. Creating and building gives them a chance to make their own decisions and affect an outcome. Also, some medications may affect motor skills, so building is a way to practice these skills. Lastly, constructing and building support educational tasks and since children are missing school, these benefits can help reinforce math and science concepts.

Get Involved

When a child is given a toy to play with (and keep) while they are in the hospital, they get to enjoy being a child. You can help make sure each child that is facing this fear has a toy to bring a smile to their face.

To help, you can make a financial donation, donate new building sets, volunteer to host a toy drive, and tell others about what we do.


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